What I want now after some less than ideal nutrition over the past few weeks is another pizza and some ice-cream. But that’s not what I want most. What I want most is to turn myself into a strong athletic badass. Pizza and ice-cream is going to make my progress a lot slower.

A lot of people start the beginning of every year making resolutions. If you’re one of the millions who make one to become leaner, stronger, healthier, fitter – take note, that your dream will take time (especially if you’ve stuffed yourself with junk one too many times or you haven’t been physically active in a while), and a lot of hard work.

You need to commit; put in the effort to eat well, train hard, sleep and then repeat. It’s not easy, or everyone would do it and there would be a lot more people walking around looking like Tom Hardy or Jessica Ennis.



(for more than just two weeks)


1) Keep a log - take pictures of yourself, weigh yourself, record your workouts, record what you eat. That way you’ll know where you’ve started and you can track your progress.
2) Eat every sweet and delicious thing in your house - all your chocolates, cookies, cakes and ice-cream. Do it now. Eat every last bit so there is no convenient access to anything delicious, and then don’t restock. Discipline is much easier that way.
3) Find a training partner - training in the right environment and with the right people to motivate you (and to compete with) can make a big difference to your progress. It’s also a fun way to train.
4) Love your training - there will be more than one route to reach your goal, don’t waste your time and energy doing something that you don’t enjoy.
5) Reward yourself - I do it on a weekly basis (usually with a pizza) for sticking to the plan.

Be one of the few who manage to set their sights on a goal and then do whatever it takes for however long it takes to achieve it. Be relentless, and be the person you truly want to be.