Guest post by friend, ‘client’ and legend Pete McGinty.

Michael is an Italian-American/Scottish hybrid, born and raised in England, as such he is rather difficult to categorize by conventional methods.  He is passionate and opinionated, yet also stoic and disciplined.  He was raised on a strict diet of healthy eating and sport and as such, is an accomplished tennis player, footballer, triathlete and Muai Thai-er.  He is also quite good at board games.

As he matured, fuelled by a youth of healthy activity and newly acquired teenage hormones, there was a subtle change in Michael’s habits as he discovered beer, girls and rock music.  The heady mix of angst and anarchic energy struck a chord (pun entirely intended), and he quickly and not-so-quietly learned guitar, going on to form a band with some equally radical/cool/hip school friends.

After leaving home Michael continued living life to the full and went to university in Birmingham.  Aside from doing all the naughty things young men do at Uni, the cheapo beer and Baltis of the west midlands resulted Michael becoming “a bit of a fatty”.  Not one to be satisfied with a life of gluttony however, upon completing his biology degree, Michael embarked on a two year snowboarding binge, which not only helped him shed those unwanted pounds, but also gave him a healthy appreciation for pain and injury.

After returning home, broke and somewhat battered, Michael entered the world of business, learning his valuable Jedi-esque skills (these are the products you’re looking for).

Not long after his career began, Michael’s younger brother Chris was diagnosed with lung cancer, and naturally Michael was on hand to look after him.  Chris dealt with his disease with bravery and the utmost dignity, but sadly after putting up one hell of a fight, Chris passed away.  He was 26.

Life-changing, is an inadequate term to describe the void left by the death of a loved one.  Perspectives will change dramatically, and Michael was determined that he would use his future to pursue not only his interests, but also to do something that would improve the lives of others;  Health is so often taken for granted, a fact that can and should be addressed.

Michael decided to use his combined life skills to implement his desire to make people better.  He had often waxed lyrical about the limited nature of personal training.  It was prone to faddish exercise regimes and crash dieting.  He wanted to offer a service that not only addressed a person’s gym routine, but their lifestyle as a whole.  With his scientific background Michael was aware of the critical impact diet and drinking would have on physical and mental well-being.  He decided nutritional training would be an essential part of his repertoire.  Having endured countless injuries and discomforts, over his active life, he developed an appreciation for the power of healing properly, using healthy diet and rest.  He is not an advocate of overexerting oneself in some foolish macho frenzy.  Nevertheless he continues his mission to push people to achieve their maximum potential.  He motivates utilizing a subtle combination of infectious enthusiasm, and relentless determination. He is however no robotic saint: While his house is full of organic healthly food, he is still vexed that Dominoes do not deliver to his house.  They still do “two for Tuesdays” after all, and that’s just sensible value.  He also really enjoys punching and kicking things (mostly bags luckily) and is relentlessly competitive.  He also has a ridiculous Italian coupe, which is in no way a compensation for anything, not one little bit.

Michael currently resides in Oxfordshire with his dog Lola, who enjoys harassing ducks and eating cow-pats.