It’s a month long program running for October, that requires you to dedicate fifteen minutes each day to improving your health, fitness and general level of awesome.


Why not October? Because you want to look better naked, feel better and move better.

Everyday you’ll do something. If you want to successfully achieve the above, it takes more than just training. So mostTOBER is about more than just training. It’s a mix of workouts, recipes to cook, dietary inspiration, recovery methods, mobility and flexibility work, along with some other stuff.

Everything is designed to be simple and take no longer than fifteen minutes. You have fifteen minutes a day, that is 1% of your week.


Commitment. That’s it. The workouts use bodyweight exercises to build strength, stability, lean muscle (ladies read ‘tone’) and burn a whole lot of body fat. They can be done with minimal equipment (or a little improvisation with things you’ll easily find at hand), whenever and wherever. A kitchen and some rudimentary cooking skills would also help.

Now, I’m not going to lie and tell you that you can completely transform your body in a month, that is ridiculous. Building a lean, muscular (again ladies read ‘toned’) physique takes time and it’s not easy or everyone would do it.


Give you a kick up the ass.

Show you how you can easily incorporate better fitness and nutrition into your life.

Introduce you to an efficient, effective and badass method of training using bodyweight and minimal equipment.

And start creating some habits.

I’ll post the daily activity on here the evening before, so check in or sign up to follow the blog and you’ll receive notifications by email. No spam. I won’t spam you or give your information to someone trying to sell you an enhancement pill.

Consistently stick to the plan and don’t undo your efforts by eating/drinking a ton of crap on a daily basis. Come the end of the month, you’ll be well on the road to a leaner, stronger, healthier, happier and generally more excellent version of yourself.

Get involved, ask questions and please share the fitness love.