Fall off what?

I’m going to get straight to the point. Having to eat every three hours to ‘stoke your metabolism’ and to keep ‘starvation mode’ at bay is in no way supported by science. You’ve heard it enough times so it must be right? Well, it’s not. More recent evidence has shown otherwise.

Yes, when you eat your metabolic rate will increase slightly for a few hours, but directly in proportion to the size of the meal. Eat a large meal and your metabolic rate is going to stay elevated for longer. Eat a small meal, and metabolic rate will return to normal more quickly.

If the overall amount of food you consume is the same, your metabolic rate will be the same at the end of the day regardless whether it is divided up into three or thirteen meals.

‘Starvation mode’ is not going to kick in after 2 hours and 59 minutes either. Word on the street/gym/wherever you heard it is wrong, you’d likely have to go for a few days without anything for your metabolic rate to slow down. I wouldn’t suggest doing that or skipping meals on a regular basis. Just know that your metabolism won’t fail if your breakfast is a few hours late.

What’s far more important is what you eat and how much you eat, not how often you eat.

Where meal frequency can play a role, is in the sustainability and practicality of a diet. If you’re constantly hungry, you are far more likely to give in to your cravings. You may even go on a 45 minute round trip for a taste of pepperoni passion. Alternatively, you might do the same if you are constantly unsatisfied from eating tiny portions.

To help you make your decision whether to have one slice of pizza per hour or hole thing in one go, consider the following:

1) Your diet should fit practically around your schedule. Not the other way around. 

2) Experiment. Learn how your body responds to eating by monitoring hunger, cravings and energy, then adjust as you need. 

If you are so inclined and want to see some of the research, see HERE and HERE.

If you want to hear it from other experts see HEREHERE and HERE.

Now you no longer have to worry or run off in search of food because you haven’t eaten for 2 hours 59 minutes and in 1 minute all hope in metabolic fat loss warfare will be lost. And you don’t need to breakfast if you don’t want to.