It’s Friday and it’s sunny. So I’m going to have a beer, and then potentially one more… and then… then you find yourself on a drunken journey at midnight looking for delicious greasy goodness.

I’m going to share a ‘ground-breaking’ fitness tip with you; don’t do it. Not the drinking, the greasy delicious. Now, regularly drinking is not the strategy to go for if you want to get in shape, but it is possible stay on course with your fat loss diet while still being able to enjoy a night of drinking.

Yes, some drink choices are better than others, but who wants to try to figure out the number of calories in your third mojito or whether the light or the dark ale is better for you. That’s not fun.

So instead, try this:

1) Don’t have the pizza – The junk you eat with the alcohol intake is not going to help with your hangover or your fat ass / belly.

By the time that pizza hits your stomach, the alcohol you’ve consumed has already been absorbed into your system. That cheesy delicious is not going to help your liver metabolise the alcohol any faster. The pizza is going to be stored as fat, while your body preferentially metabolises the alcohol (because it’s toxic). As a bonus, it might help contribute to a little acid reflux in the morning.

2) Limit dietary fat intake that day  As you’ll likely be in a calorific excess from a night of drinking, the easiest nutrient for your body to store as body fat is; fat (funnily enough).

3) Consume lots of protein that day (preferably from low fat sources like chicken, turkey or fish) – Protein is a more difficult nutrient for your body to store as fat and is substantially more filling. That will leave you less likely to cave on your diet for the midnight treat.

4) Drink plenty of water – Nothing to do with fat loss, but it will make you feel better in the morning and me feel better about giving you responsible drinking advice.

Now go enjoy that beer (if you’ve earned it).