It’s 17:25 and you’re about to finish up at work (because you are lucky). You’ve got your gym bag packed and ready so you can get straight into it. Avoiding the temptation of both the big comfy sofa in your living room and the post work drinks.

Congratulations on the discipline. But for all the good intentions and effort you’ve been putting in (at least relatively consistently), you don’t seem to look a whole lot different in the mirror. Pretty frustrating. You’re not getting the results that you want or should be.

Assuming you’re not undoing your training efforts eating a ton of crap on a daily basis, here’s why it’s not happening for you:

1) YOU ARE JUST GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS – Just going through the motions of a workout will do little more than burn a few calories (which you’ll easily resupply with a piece of cake). It gets boring and you’ll lose motivation.

You should be working towards something and there should be a purpose to each session. More than to just stare at the hot girl/guy while you plod along on the treadmill for 30 minutes and feel good about breaking into a mild sweat. That’s not going to help you get very far with your training or the hot guy/girl.

Train with focus and intensity. Set yourself a concrete goal and get yourself a plan to get there.

2) YOU ARE DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN – If you want to change, you need to make progress. That’s the number one rule in fitness. By continually doing the same thing over and over again you’ll never get anywhere because you never give your body a reason to adapt.

So always strive to increase the difficulty, run faster, add weight or do more reps over time.

3) YOU ARE NOT LIFTING HEAVY THINGS – All other benefits aside, considering fat loss is almost a universal goal, adding some form of heavy resistance to your training will almost certainly help you out. To move a lot of weight, requires that you use compound exercises. Things like squats, bench press, push ups, dips, deadlifts and pull ups that each use multiple muscle groups.

They give you a very effective way to raise your metabolism, optimise hormones and build lean muscle. And yes ladies, you want this too, it will help you burn more fat and look better naked.

You can leverage your bodyweight to do it, or you can lift weights, it doesn’t matter. Just make it heavy.


Don’t waste your time. If you are going to miss out on the work drinks or the latest episode Game of Thrones, make sure it’s worth it.

AIM to make PROGRESS (read that again). Train with focus and look to improve your performance in some way in every session. And lift heavy things.